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The question is often posed, should women use this mens bike? However, it is rarely asked the other way around

Fit is not related to gender

All bodies are unique. This means that some women have bodies that suit men’s bikes more, and some men have bodies that suit women’s bikes more.

Can a Woman Ride a Man's Bike? 99Cycling - 99 Cycling

Style has nothing to do with gender

Gendered colours are no serious barrier. Whether you cycle a hot pink bike or a deep blue, you are no less of a man. If you like the bike, or the colour for that matter, who cares what anyone else thinks.

Some men may have narrow shoulders

If, you are a man, and you have narrow shoulders, you should try a women’s bike, as they have narrower handlebars.

Women’s bikes offer a more upright ride

If, like me, you get some back ache while cycling, we recommend you try a women’s bike as the bikes proportions allows you to sit up and enjoy the benefits of a good posture.

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